The Difference Between Faith and Expectation-Are You Sure You Are NOT Spiritual?

There are more people under the age of 40 going around saying they are atheists.  I am not them, thus I cant be sure but here are a few of the differences between ‘faith’ a religious or spiritual idea and ‘expectation’ not a religious word in its connotation.

Faith is BIG.  Faith is when you believe for all certainty that something is going to happen. Most of us can not argue that we have faith we will get up tomorrow morning.  We will get into bed tonight, go through our nightly ritual, and have faith when we set the alarm to go to work, that we will in fact have lived through the night and made it into the next day.  You cant say I expect to awaken tomorrow. You belief in getting up is way to big, and puts it in sacred space.  You can expect that when you go sit on a chair, the chair is going to safely hold you up, and not come crashing down.

Without faith and expectation this world would be too chaotic to comprehend. You have faith that you will get married to the girl of your dreams. This is not an expectation, your feelings are too deep, they run too far, she is much too important to be considered an expectation.  The girl you asked out on a date last night, it is fairly obvious to expect that she will meet you where you intended to get together. This girl is not BIG and she is nothing more than an expectation. You don’t know her very well, so maybe she might show up.  We have all had these situations, where we are not sure  (SURE IS KEY) that this person is going to show up. If she doesn’t, you probably already have, another back up plans with the guys.

You have faith despite the cloudy weather, the sun will rise up into the sky.  You carry that faith through the day until the night, when the sun you have faith will go down, and the moon depending on its phase, will rise up in the sun’s shadow.

I ask you all to realize that faith does exist. I have never met someone who didn’t have faith, unless they were bitten by the semantics game.  I am sorry you getting up tomorrow is not merely an expectation. Going to the refrigerator to get a drink is an expectation.  The expectation being that there will be something cold for you to drink.

So before you get all theist on me, check out the really BIG things, and try to convince yourself they might or might not happen, and it will not affect you in the least no matter which way this goes.

I am not talking about God, or another deity. I am simply stating we all have faith in something, thus we are believers of sorts, which we will leave for a whole other conversation.