Maniacal Musings-An Ounce of Home Before Stephanie

After talking to Stephanie last night about moving in together I realized how much she makes my place feel a little bit like home.

With her moving in full-time and sharing my place with her I know my place will end up feeling like a real home when she is finished. I know she will respect me and my study which is the only space I care about.

I don’t care what she does to the bedroom as we are moving out of my graffiti-spray painted walled room with chrome electrical outlet covers, a very industrialized look and feel I wanted for myself to another room we will paint or more likely have painted for us, and buying a new bedroom set together.

I might move my study into my old bedroom which also has a window to the trains. I probably won’t move as we are already committed to re-doing a bedroom for us upstairs-yes my refrigerator is coming… having beverages in the bedroom! My furniture I have in my bedroom now is a line from Ethan Allen all in black with black bureau a black chest of drawers, a climbing wall book case, a great over-sized grey chair I got in NYC, and two metal modern tables instead of nightstands with coordinating lamps on each. The radiator I painted  a chrome silver which is really cool and I believe Stephanie will respect me enough not to go too girlie. I need top of the line bedding (luxury hotel quality) and lots of good pillows and blankets along with a down comforter. We are also committed to painting the bathroom on the first floor. I started with the taping and painting stripes but Stephanie really wants to finish it. I will probably do the taping and stripes and I have a set of patterned wall stickers that are extra cool. Once I get that done I will probably have someone finish the bathroom painting the straight-up painting along with our bedroom.

I know she will reorganize the kitchen too and I am fine with that. She would never complain or think about messing with my study which is my space I am happy to share with others but it has my glass and metal desk all my laptops, storage containers with draws filled with stuff, and more smaller sets of drawers for my writing utensils and all my other “things.” I think we might take the big Samsung out of the study and wall mount it on our new bedroom wall, and for Christmas spring for a curved flat screen for the study. I don’t have cable TV and I know I need to order it like this coming week. Installation takes a couple of weeks and I know Stephanie misses watching the news in the morning. I am going to buy into a package cable-Wi-Fi deal with  Comcast and DVR as well.

It is very exciting to think about living together. We spoke about personal stuff like finances last night. I will deed her into all my assets besides my retirement I made before I was married and is what I live off of when we are married. We are going to keep our finances separate until we get married then open joint accounts to save, pay bills, and buy our house on the ocean. For the time we are living here and not married we will split the bills down the middle and Stephanie as soon to be Bella’s bonus mom doesn’t want me to pay more for Bella. It was an easy talk without any hitches and we are both sound financially and I am fine she won’t have half the money for the new house we will probably use more of her salary to pay for bills and she will put me on her insurance so that will save me  a ton of money. Just splitting this place frees up cash for me that I will save for the new place.

It is sounding boring but it is really exciting to me and to Stephanie. She just woke up and read this post and gave me a big squeeze. It is hard to believe I will be forty in less than a month! We need to get through a surgery and my birthday before anything else. Only turning 40 once, so want to make the result and outcome really count.

To not too girlie bedrooms in my future and an easy to finish bathroom! Working on washing the bedding for Stephanie! I am going to make it as a good and loving spouse and partner. I won’t be the flower I always am. She means too much and I love her way too much!