Rainbow Nation Day 2-Looking for New Members!!

I started this weekend down and sad about the elections and what it meant for me and my friends I love and care for so much in the transgender community. In only 24 hours Rainbow Nation was born for the rights and equality of all people everywhere.

It has surprised me that I have a fight inside myself I am willing to go to war over and protect and defend  the rights we already have and push forward for the transgender community who remains without rights and any anti-discrimination laws.

I am energized and no longer feeling helpless as I have committed to the group to be in Washington DC on inauguration day to attend #NOTMYPRESIDENT protests and the next day to participate in the million women march.

I am not usually of the activist mind and have never used my personal voice except in my writing on my blogs. My blogs have inspired me to speak up for myself but more so for others less fortunate in this once great country of ours.

I will not let Hillary’s plans for the LGBTQIA community and other minority groups be axed because she is unfortunately not our president elect. Due to an antiquated electoral college Trump is now president elect even though every day Hillary’s popular vote lead keeps increasing. We can’t fix it for her but because of her we will fight for the change she represented to so many unheard voices across this still great country. It is still great because I refuse to let anyone or any group of people make it less than great for all of us everywhere.

I feel like we are growing so fast that we need to slow down and catch ourselves we are fortunate we had everything in place like our mission statement and basic group set up and my friend Michelle and I compliment each other very well work wise and thinking too we are almost always on the SAME PAGE. Big challenge avoided right there. Have friends, a couple close friends in other countries who don’t understand what some of us Americans are going through and they are not with us unfortunately as I think we would find out that the rest of the world is not interested in our mess right now.

I feel I went from feeling like a possible victim to president elect Trump to a an activist warrior who will protest peacefully and without violence.

We are starting to invite people from Facebook with like minded ideas and values but have a long way to go in recruiting off of my almost 5000 friends. We are being careful about who we invite and don’t want any rogue members who are or were Trump supporters. It may not appear all that inclusive but we aren’t ready on any level to deal with individuals who voted for Trump and cast aside the rights and protections of all minorities including the LGBTQIA group and specifically the underrepresented transgender community without rights and anti-discrimination laws in place.

Trump plans to repeal the marriage equality act and leave anti-discrimination laws up to the states which is taking us back like twenty years in progress, and where some states not only don’t have anti-discrimination laws in place they are overtly discriminatory to especially the transgender community which has always lagged behind in basic rights from even the federal government.

My hope is that we continue to grow and spend a little time each day with recruitment and then work with the members of the group to outline our priorities, which presently include letter writing to the powers that be in Washington DC.

I hope this week to get letters written for all the senators in the  senate with special attention given to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Those letters will go out at the top of the week and I see a flurry of activity tomorrow to get those letters written and approved by the group before being sent off to DC.

This week is about finding the protests we want to align with during the inauguration and immediately  after the inauguration like the million women march. At least a couple of us are going if not more and we shall make our voices heard before we let Trump have a minute’s rest.

I have been encouraged with what I have seen of him alone but it is the VP Pence who is the real zealot of hatred towards the LGBTQIA community that we need to worry about.

North Carolina along with Indiana which is Pence’s home state are two of the worst for transgender discrimination and inequality for all minority people.

I began personally inviting friends of mine on Facebook to participate in Rainbow Nation. It is hard to pick people when you aren’t sure of how they voted or whether they want to be associated with a non-violent activist group.

We are fortunate our initial group members total is around 267 which held steady through the night. I know when I briefly opened the group to public from private we lost some folks that will hopefully come back.

Today is finalizing letters to my two female senators who are both Democratic and also finishing letters to senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

I will check Facebook to see if there is a way to reach them through the Internet which would be super as we are an Internet group developed under the auspice of Facebook.

I say the interview with Trump elect last night on 60 minutes and it is tough to get a read out of what he is really going to try to do or not.

I know when it comes to a woman’s right to choice he is most definitely pro-life no matter what the circumstance.

Right now we are focused on what is right in front of us and that is blatant discrimination for minorities especially the Transgender community and inequality for so many people who are not white and straight.

I mean come on people, you must agree everyone deserves equal rights and protections even if you don’t believe in some of the circumstances that are not choices for some people.

I hope you are thinking about Rainbow Nation and consider joining for a great cause in a time when equality and protection is needed the most in the atmosphere created by the Trump campaign and its supporters.

We are not asking for special status, only equal status and protection from discrimination in all its forms from housing, to work, to healthcare, education, and even adequate police protection.

We are open to welcoming people of all sorts as long as they are Democratic minded and not divisive. Hope to see some of you in the group where your voice is equal to all other members and we do everything drenched first in equality for all.

Corey Britton and Michelle Candela