Trump Illegal Immigrants Collecting Social Security and Clinton Gaffes

In the Don’s first political ad against Clinton aired on August 19th a dubbed over Don’s voice is heard stating , “In Hillary Clinton’s America, illegal immigrants are skipping the line and receiving social security benefits.” This simply isn’t  true. According to the National Immigration Law Center immigrants must be paying taxes, and to do that you need a social security number which they can get once they have their work visa.  Then immigrants must work for a minimum of 10 years and be of retirement age to collect benefits. **FACT CHECKED**

This is a far cry from what the Don said after  just paying  big money to run in his campaign.

There are signs in the Don’s campaign that he is settling down and staying more on track with his messages as he uses more teleprompters and does fewer rallies.

This all comes at a particularly odd time for Trump’s senior strategist Paul Manafort to leave the Don’s campaign. It isn’t surprising to the people aware of the 12 plus million dollar payout Manafort is set to receive from the Ukraine. Typically, these types of issues are vetted out prior to bringing someone on board, and a demotion would not suffice in this instance with the Ukraine payout set for Manafort. These brings Putin and Russia back into the light again for the Don’s campaign.

On Clinton’s campaign a judge has ruled that Clinton must answer written questions by the FBI in regards to her on-going email server issues. Coupled with that is the oddity of self-imposed restrictions that Clinton said would be put in place if she in fact won the Presidency and the acceptable donors allowed under these restrictions for the Clinton Foundation. Right now under those new donor guidelines Clinton would adopt if made President less than half the current list of donors would be eligible to donate.

This begs to ask bigger, broader questions in general regarding the Clinton Foundation and her role as former Secretary of State.

None of this is made up folks and every day the waters for both candidates gets muddier and muddier.