Taking Your Me Time

I know we are such individuals so when it comes to taking time for yourself there is going to be a broad spectrum. For me I am at the extreme end of needing to carve my ‘me time’ every single day before I do anything else.

I know of a lot of people whose lives are just composed in such a way that “me time” doesn’t often or sometimes never occurs. Then there is the significance of ‘me time.’ Some folks feel like they will die without it, others well they don’t even need it They are just fine with the way life is.

For me I have always craved moments, long stretches of solitude. I have set up my life in such a way to ensure I get my ‘me time’ in ever early morning when I wake up at the maniac’s hour. Part of that is pure mania. But I am never lonely those hours I am awake and alone and busy working on either schoolwork, campaign work, or writing for one of my blogs. I have a major best four-legged friend which for me means I am never alone and usually I have my girl Stephanie asleep in my bed upstairs. However Julia Bleu and I share my “me time” and it works. I take her over initially with me to the store to get my coffee drink I desperately need. That is the full extent of our interaction and also mine with a  real person during the 5 to 6 hours of ‘me time ‘ I have curved out of my daily routine. Yes I forgo sleep. However with the mania, it I don’t think it is a big stretch. Some of you are probably thinking 5-6 hours a day of ‘me time’ is a lot or truly excessive.  I have a problem. When you think my day is spent awake for 20-22 hours that is 16 percent of my day, where I am truly getting work done and being productive it is just a time I am working when I only prefer the company of my dog Julia Bleu. She curls up on my lap and buries herself right down deep in my lap as I sit at the computer typing or reading away.

I know my life is very different because I don’t need to work and don’t get up for a traditional job 5 or 6 days a week. When I was a trader, I worked 7 days a week, 16 hours Monday through Friday at least 10 hours one weekend day the other maybe 5.  So what do people do with their ‘me time’ and do some of you share it with loved ones and do something you consider ‘me time?’ I do have this notion that ‘me time’ is spent alone pursuing your individualistic pursuits. Maybe I have a narrow definition? I bet some of you consider working out your own ‘me time.’ You are spending time doing something that is good for yourself and you are making it a priority. For me not so, working out is a priority but not ‘me time.’ I am seeing and feeling a lot about myself as I write this. Thinking I might need to re-evaluate myself. But my ‘me time’ is spent doing school work or writing, both of which I guess on how you view it, is ‘me time’ or isn’t it because I am not doing something like just fooling around with computer games, or reading a book.

However we define ‘me time,’ It is a parcel of time that I strongly believe every person needs. I know I am not all based in hard-core life reality so maybe my expectations or recommendations miss the mark. How could I simply understand the pressures of time that people are subjected to on a daily basis, and unlike me can’t afford to give yourself more time by forgoing much needed healthy sleep.

Time it is an interesting concept. I think we don’t think enough about the constructs of time. There are many, and I suppose a person like myself with a self-induced to do list a mile long daily. sees time in a whole other stratosphere. I never think time moves slowly. Is that a figment of my over active brain? I can be at the most boring music recital and two hours just flies by. I think I might have stumbled upon something. I think it is my intense focus that is truly epic in its own right. No matter what I am doing, I am totally engrossed to a fault where I tune everything else out and get swept away in even the mundane.

I feel like the kid always playing a revered game of some sort and an adult calling time’s up! That exact feeling evoked with the time’s up happens to me multiple times in a day.  I am never bored how about the rest of you? Are you ever bored or not enthused about what you are doing? I am reminded a something I learned as a novice as a Buddhist: Always find the sacred in the ordinary. It is something I definitely live by in my everyday life. I do not mind doing chores for that very reason, I really concentrate and focus on what I am doing, even if it is vacuuming. I take all that I do and make it ridiculously high stakes for myself.

So as a person who we have fettered out rather easily in this prose, takes my ‘me time’ very seriously and needs it, I am not okay if I don’t get it. Like this morning it was a rare occasion but when I got up at one am I was still feeling tired. I put on the computer and realized this wasn’t going to work. I went back to bed, and then this morning was unusual because I had to be in another location for 8 am, something that never happens. So I got up at five did not get my coffee, did not blog, or do any work, and now it is almost noon and I am finishing up my first blog of the day. Maybe I feel a slight version of what most feel every single day. I am still trying to cram it all in, except the coffee. I missed out today completely on coffee. Wow not the way to go about things. Perhaps rejoining the real world would not be such a bad idea?  My last feelings on ‘me time’ is try to make some no matter how small or how infrequent. Try spending some time alone. I think and believe it is beneficial on many levels but you can only manage what you can do and of course our priorities are all very different.

Lastly time affects me, more on a year to year basis. I find each year goes faster than the previous one and I am not sure if most people agree with that as their own experience. For me I am in the throes of the real world right this minute. My to do list is very tall, and I dare say I own beautiful watches which I would never wear and ruin my day unnecessarily keeping time. However I can’t escape the clock on my computer:

6 minutes till noontime. I must get this sent out and wait for tomorrow for my life to return to normal.