Maniacal Musings: Florida Bound and We Have Arrived!

Yesterday Stephanie and I awoke at 2am to get ready to take the bus to the airport in Boston. It seemed like a long journey to finally end up leaving for the flight.

We got out of the house and  made it to the bus terminal. The bus arrived and we got good seats and were heading to the next stop in Portsmouth on our way to the airport in Boston.

We were just getting off the exit to enter the terminal and the bus had to brake because a car cut us off. The brakes failed, the bus swerved and we almost tipped over. Nothing like a little excitement to start the trip. We had to change buses as the bus was damaged and the brakes didn’t work but we made it to the airport and got through TSA and made our way to our terminal.

Our final destination was my parent’s house on a barrier island off the southeast coast of Florida. Our flight was non-stop to Orlando on Jet Blue. My parents would pick us up there and we would drive the rest of the way to where they have a house; Melbourne Beach, Florida.

The airplane trip was uneventful until we landed. We pulled up to the gate and the door to the plane would not open. We were at the gate, stuck on the plane and maintenance had to be called. Nobody was too happy. Finally we got off the plane took the tram at Orlando International and went to baggage claim. We have this system with my parents that we call them on their cell phones when we get to baggage claim and they come out of a space they are parked and know exactly where to pick us up curbside. Problem yesterday is my phone died! I had a portable charger and had to get it out of my suitcase and charge my phone and wait until I had enough power. Stephanie and I just laughed and were happy to leave the just fallen snow in New Hampshire for sun and big waves. Finally my phone was charged so I could call my mother and they were there in five minutes.

The ride home was uneventful. I KNEW my parents wanted to take us out to lunch but I wanted to get to their house and get on the beach. See there is something you don’t know about me; I am a seabeaner. I collect the elusive hamburger seabeans that travel from the West Indies to the shores of Melbourne Beach. Natives and people who have lived here for a long time go there whole lives without ever finding one. My last trip I found 34 which was crazy and the shell shops wanted to buy them off of me. No way, these are magical and not to be sold. I part with very few of them.

I will post a picture of one with this post. I got only an hour on the beach yesterday which is not nearly enough time to find one. My mom has found two in 12 years. The work of a seabeaner is backbreaking and takes a lot of time. I know the path of the seabeaner and I am not interested in shells or anything else. I told everyone yesterday that I only wanted to find one for this entire trip. My mother laughed as did my father and Stephanie because they knew I would be out everyday looking and hunting for these elusive hamburgers.

This morning Stephanie and I were exhausted and got a late start on the beach. My mom decided to join us, and walked ahead of me but knew the path I was going to take. Well didn’t she just find one where I would have been walking. I walk very slowly and it is like heaven for me. I was mad and told her I would have found it. I got over it and not two minutes later I found the most special hamburger that I have ever found. This one means the world to me. Stephanie was so happy and my mom was tired so we headed back. So my secret is out but I will not tell you the path of the seabeaner on the beach.

We came home and Bella and my ex wife are heading here now. We  will be back on the beach for sure and I will look but I am so happy and thankful for this little hamburger.

There will be lots more to write about later.

I am excited to be having our first group chat for Rainbow Nation tonight.

Oh have I mentioned how much I love Stephanie and look forward to over a week left here on the beach?

Hope you are well and hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Ha! I did it a post without a mention of politics! Wonders will never cease~