Social Media At Its Worst

I own the fact that I have a Facebook account with over 3000 “friends.” I usually am on for a bit in the morning, and then I take my phone to bed (bad habit) and I look through Facebook. No it is not my life, I only started this account 1 year ago, and have a really good group of people to share and interact with.  What about most of you? Have you walked from social media, or is it still a part of your life?   My guess is that most of you are into social media on some level.

Last night was Friday, and me and my girlfriend stayed in for a quiet night so we could get up early and head to the beach.  I innocently went on my Facebook, and there was a picture of a woman’s body, half-clad with all these little red marks all over her body.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, and I started scrolling down my feed, and this woman keeps popping up with posts.  She wasn’t a friend of mine so I have no idea how she ended up on my feed, but basically the short of the story was she had been begging  people since 4 am to please come visit her.  She claimed to be mentally ill, and clearly was, but she lived in Salt Lake City Utah.  I looked up her profile up and it was obvious she was not right in the least. People had tried talking to her all day, others said they had already visited her before, and on top of everything she was pissed.  She was so bad, posting constantly, I actually commented to her, and stupidly but wait I have a conscience, so I guess I wasn’t stupid I don’t know what I was…..I told her if she wanted to message I would. I so wasn’t into this scene, not my friend as my friends are stable and certainly don’t have their respectful mental breakdowns on Facebook.

The woman quickly answered me back, and said no she didn’t want to talk to anyone on messenger. Now I am pissed, I stuck my neck out for this crazy, and she tears me a new ass.  So I write her again, and say, “If you are truly a harm to yourself, do the right thing and call 911” Again, she answers me, and says, “So I can be in debt another 15,000 dollars?”unfriend her, I feel morally torn but what the hell can I do?

Now I have had it, but I cant just disengage this woman! She is so mentally ill!

Next thing I see she has posted that those red marks are a scabies infestation! So not okay by anybody’s standards. At that point, I said fuck Facebook, this is the problem or one of the problems with social media, and I just signed out.  The freaking lady haunted my thoughts all last night, I couldn’t fall asleep, and I knew this situation was just plain wrong.

Am I the only person this has happened to or have other people had folks with mental illness breakdowns on social media? I was so mad at Facebook, because I don’t know how this person got on my feed.  What are our obligations to such behavior and problems on social media.  I did feel obligated, what caring person wants someone not to be okay or worse kill themselves?

Any thoughts here, they would be greatly appreciated? I came to the conclusion that there has got to be something created in cyberspace, like a 911 and maybe a lesser number of concern, that users of these sites can post to and have the social media outlet deal with their sick and twisted customers.

Honestly we need some police or security people, I am willing to create a whole new field for mental health crisis and police people to take out the bullies and the trolls, all with no profile pictures. Can we acknowledge there is a need for something to help the common user on these sites? Am I too full of empathy? I dare say no…..I hate drama I don’t do drama, but when drama shows up like last night I want a number or a place to report it where it will be dealt with.

I am off social media, until I can figure out a way to never let another person get to my kind, good head again.