U-ME Simplicity-Finally Heading Home After a Delay

We woke up after a quiet night of dinner and drinks, and just talking sitting basically in each other’s laps. We talked about U-ME and how tomorrow we would be heading home.

We talked a little about logistics but didn’t want to get too heavy as this wasn’t what this time was about. We decided we go home and until we set aside a night to really talk we would continue as we always do, with Stephanie coming to my place after work and spending the weekends together. I did mention that we had to be careful with my daughter Bella. She couldn’t know about us until we were at the place of getting engaged. Stephanie already knew about that I was basically saying it to remind myself to be careful.

We talked about the summer in front of us and we had a running list of things we wanted to do. It was just so special we were really doing nothing at all, but it made us both so happy to be together in the same space to have shared what we shared earlier . Yes the night ended up in ecstasy with being intimate again together. The hours just flew. I went down after we were done for the moment cuddling and it was already 2:30 am. We had gone to bed right before gone to bed right before 10 pm.

We didn’t want to get up and head home. However real life awaited both of us. I still thought it would  be weird or at least very different when we got back home and were intimate in the same bed we have shared for over a 2 years as friends. I couldn’t picture it-I probably wasn’t suppose to picture it. Stephanie was not showering so I opted to go with the face cloth rinse. It was Monday and we didn’t have to be anywhere until Tuesday. I thought about what we could do on the way back.  Stephanie is so sweet when she is really happy she hums and she was humming away this morning. Sweet music to my ears.

We packed up the bedroom area and bathroom upstairs. We asked for a late check out and planned on going to get a fruit cup for Stephanie and a yogurt for me. We wanted to eat on the beach before we finished packing and got ready to leave. We throw on whatever clothes were still clean and headed to the breakfast café. We picked out our breakfast stuff and bought two chocolate croissants for later. Breakfast was really awesome. Remarkably Stephanie and I have never not gotten along or had any misunderstanding with one another. The only thing we have ever dealt with was my dating girls when we both not ready to admit our feelings but I knew Stephanie didn’t like me dating at all. I always felt bad and always came right back to her. Why do we do the things we do. I would like to erase at least the last person before Stephanie and I talked. That person was bad news, and plain just not good. I think if I had continued Stephanie might have actually said something to me. The day was partly sunny and a bit breezy which meant I was freezing. Stephanie asked to stand up for a moment and move our things off the blanket. She told me to sit back down and she covered us up in the blanket. Snuggling on the beach for breakfast. Boy had these days been filled with memory making.

We got packed up and took one last selfie of ourselves, and when we checked out I asked to reserve the same dates for next year. THAT made Stephanie happy. We got all situated in the car and decided to drive home following the coast as much as we could. We decided to tell each other a story about ourselves that the other person hadn’t heard. This was really tough except I did want to tell her some of the crazy twisted stuff the last girl I was with brought into my life. The time went by we laughed and there were a couple of serious moments. Her story was way better than mine. It had something to do where she did something and broke a rule-I never would have thought Stephanie would ever done that!

We made it to Providence and it was like 3:30 pm. I didn’t want to go home so I threw out do you want to stay in Providence tonight? Get up early in the morning and drive the 2 hours back? My hand was nestled right in between her legs. She grabbed and said yes let’s do it! We can stay at the Marriot. She was so excited that our trip wasn’t going to end. We got out Siri and she directed us to the Marriot on the water. We knew we would definitely go out if we could find something to wear. I said to Stephanie lets go to a laundromat and throw in what we can so we have some clothing options and we should find a liquor store before we go check in. She was rearing to go with my plans. Her only one condition was I let her figure out the laundry situation, I laugh as I write this because she so didn’t want me near to washing the clothes. We asked Siri to find us a laundromat near a liquor store. She actually found two. We found our way and I helped Stephanie  bring in our two suitcases. After that I asked Siri to get me to the nearest liquor store. It was 4 blocks away and I told Stephanie that I was going. She kissed me hard and hugged me tight. She asked me if I thought it was safe? I told her if I wasn’t back in 30 minutes to call me. I named the liquor store where I was heading. I am glad Stephanie didn’t want me involved with the laundry I would have done all so differently and  so easily.

I had my phone and followed the directions, it wasn’t a good part of Providence. Next time to our query to Siri will ask to find a place where the crime rate is low. I finally made it to the store. I got the fixings for mudslides and then bought a bottle of champagne. It was already 25 minutes past when I left so I called Stephanie on her phone. She didn’t pick up so I hoped she would not be worried. I hurried along as fast as I could then I past a convenience store and thought I should pick up milk. I tried Stephanie on her phone again, she answered right away and asked if I was okay. I explained to her I had already called and I was stopping for milk and would be there shortly. I said I love you, just as easy as pie, and she told me she loved me more. I got the milk, my arms were filled and I headed pack to the laundromat. Stephanie grabbed the bags from me and headed out to the car. I was totally exhausted but I noticed the clothes were in the dryers. 23 minutes left to dry. Only she and I would go to such trouble to spend another night away from home. I was sort of into my head, and I thought maybe tonight is a good time to talk a little more about going home and being a couple.

She came back and did what I always do to her: she asked me, “What are you thinking about?”  I explained to her that I was thinking about us discussing going home a little bit more. She said she felt the same way and that is probably why we were at the laundromat…..

We got through the laundry and found the hotel. The doorman helped us with our belongings and we went in asked for a king suite. They had one left so we were both very pleased. We finally got into the suite. Both of us needed a little nap and then we needed showers before we did anything We each went our own way and put on pajamas we were still very modest and modest in general. Why she had to put that nightie back on from the first night! I was all flustered and made at myself for my thoughts. We got into bed, it felt so good to rest. I snuggled up on her, and she made things just too easy…..yes we were intimate I blame it on Stephanie! She set this all up starting with the nightie. We were super konnected and this time it was more emotional. We both had happy tears when we snuggled after. We set the alarm for 6:30 pm and we both fell right asleep. The alarm cloak woke us both up out of a sound sleep. We laughed out loud when we saw how we were laying on top of one another. We talked about the food we wanted to eat. We both were tired of seafood and I felt like steak and Stephanie thought that sounded great. We had two bathrooms but only one shower. No we didn’t take one together…..we are both too modest right mow. Stephanie went first and I picked out my clothes to wear, then I did my face and my teeth. She was out pretty quickly and we traded bathrooms. Not before a U- ME kiss that almost set us right back to the bedroom.

We were ready to leave by 7:30 pm. We asked Siri about finding a great steak house. There was one down on the water. We called to say we would be there at 8 would be getting a table a problem? No it would be fine. We got to the steak house it was brilliantly appointed with rich wood and stone. We got to sit back in a quiet corner. Stephanie grabbed my hand and she kissed it….I could tell she was about to cry so I got up and went to her and gave a soft kiss. I told this was a lot for us and we needed to give ourselves a break on being too in a hurry to doing and being everything.

Our dinner was delicious and with the kettle one we were feeling quite happy. We left the restaurant and headed to the car. We stopped and kissed and I opened her driver’s door for her. We got to the hotel and were all fired up with new energy. We took off our shoes and I went to make us drinks. Soon enough Stephanie was right behind me kissing my neck and being really playful. I thought and got sad for a minute when I thought of all the people she has watched be with, when all she ever wanted was me. I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I quickly dropped the thought and handed her a drink. We toasted to many nights just like this one when we were together and enjoying each other immensely. We went and sat down and I asked if she minded if I put on the news for like just ten minutes? She was fine with that and came and sat almost in my lap. She was so beautiful I couldn’t stop looking  at her. I watched enough of the news and shut off the TV. I asked her if she was nervous abut going home. She said absolutely not she was really excited to be a couple at home and went on to talk about how different things would be now that we were a couple. I agreed with her I just mentioned Bella my daughter again, for safe reasons. I didn’t want anything to go wrong.

Stephanie suggested that I make us another round of drinks and we get ready for bed. I was a bit surprised but I could tell she was really comfortable and relaxed and I didn’t want to ruin that, not for one second. I went to the kitchen and started to make the drinks and she went to get ready for bed. I was curious to see what she would wear tonight. I finished with the drinks and asked if I could come in and get some pajamas? She was already in the nightie she wore the night of first big night. I told I loved her nighties and she said something I couldn’t help laugh, she mentioned she had been buying them for the past year in hopes of us getting together. I said. “There are more?” She smirked and said, “Lots more……”

I went into the bathroom and got ready for bed I told Stephanie the drinks were on the counter. We both did not want to go and lay down in the bed. It felt like we were going to do some talking. She asked me about this week and I said I was busy with the campaign and didn’t know my schedule with Bella. I asked her about her week and she said in dentistry it was very busy in the summer time. With summer vacations and kids all out of school. We talked about how difficult it would be not to be able to sleep together when Bella was over. We were drinking these drinks really fast I noticed. I asked Stephanie if she was really happy did this time together met her expectations? I told her I needed her to promise if something could be more or less or better. She said she really didn’t have any expectations , she was self-conscious about herself and being with me after I had been with so many girls. I looked her in the eyes, and I told her if I didn’t know better I would think she was keeping deep dark secrets about a torrid sexual past.

It felt like it was getting late and we had to be on the road by 6 am. I went to look at my phone and of course there is a text message from a girl I was dating on and off. I realized i Stephanie had to know and understand this was going to happen and I would  set everyone straight. It was 1:30 am and I told Stephanie we needed to get some sleep. Although I didn’t have sleep on my mind. I knew I had to behave I hoped she did too because I was feeling very weak. She intimated my sentiments…..we were both just so insync with our thoughts and feelings. We polished off our drinks and headed into the bedroom. We got the bed all made up so we could get back into a nicely made bed. We gravitated to one another instantly and we started to kiss, yes a U-ME kiss. I let it happen but said if we were going to get sleep we couldn’t be doing that! She laughed and then kissed me so softly I felt her love flow through my body I hoped she felt mine flowing through her as well.

We got up at 5:30 am and didn’t want to leave. We hurried and got dressed and packed everything up. We went to leave and Stephanie stopped me and said wasn’t I forgetting something? I didn’t understand. She said what about a selfie for the memory bank? Of course we needed a selfie and I got right to it. We checked out of the hotel and got to the car. We got everything packed into the car. I said one more selfie before we go. We took a great picture and we kissed and hugged very tight. We were heading home to  start our new chapter of life together, I was ready I was so happy and feeling so fortunate…………..