Trump and Hillary Gaffes and The Unbelievable

On a show with Sean Hannity taped Tuesday and shown Wednesday the Don suggested as he did in early June that racial profiling might be in order.

Speaking specifically about the Muslim community the Don stated we have a right to know of the 10’s of thousands of Muslims entering our country.

He also stated Muslims have a responsibility to turn in other questionable Muslims or they are as much to blame.

On another note, hard to believe this didn’t get much press but a lead strategist for the Trump campaign has suggested that Clinton be shot for her email gaffes.

When pressed on the matter the lead strategist said she should be shoot for treason in front of a firing squad. This correction doesn’t make me feel much better about his first remarks.

There is quite a bit of talk from the Don as to Clinton’s health status. Not sure if it isn’t a bit misogynistic that women are more frail then men, but the Don has commented on Clinton’s speeches only lasting 10 minutes and then taking three days off before her next engagement. Clinton herself says she feels blessed with the rigorous stamina she possesses and both she and the Don have obtained letters from their primary doctors stating if they were to become president both are physical fit.

There have been rumors on Clinton’s neurologic health with talk of a  possible stroke in her past. We can’t avoid all the arm chair psychiatric diagnoses for Trump especially that as narcissistic syndrome. Right now I think both of their heath records take second or third place with other things going on.

Trump displayed on his Hannity interview aired on Wednesday that he is not taking the suggestions of the GOP leaders and his continuing on with his campaign exactly how he wants to whether he wins or loses. When asked about Mateen’s father who was sitting behind Clinton at a rally should be immediately deported from the United States, and said, “Absolutely.”

This idea or concept of racial profiling promoted by the Don for Muslims has me sitting on the edge of my sit for what the implications for such behavior on the United States part might suggest later down the road. I think hmm what about African American people first and most and then I think about the LGBT community secondly, and disabled people and the list continues with real possibilities.

If we as a country allow racial profiling of any sort we set a marker for allowing future and unknown racial profiling that just can’t be tolerated in the United States.

Michael Moore the larger than life independent film maker went on record a month or two ago claiming the Don would win the presidential election in a landslide. Now Moore has changed his tune and says as the director of many independent movies that Trump never wanted to be president he was trying to negotiate power over NBC for the rights to his popular Apprentice show. I have lots of issues about Michael Moore for another day, but this idea that Trump did all this to advance his negotiating power with NBC is ludicrous.  I honestly must laugh out loud at this one.

Clinton and the Don both remain unfavorable candidates for their respective parties with Trump edging out Clinton 64% to 59% in the unfavorability arena.  Clinton currently holds a solid nine point polling advantage across all major polls which could change at any moment given the tenuous nature of her email history.

The House now has the Clinton FBI report and members will be reviewing it after some 300 pages were redacted by the FBI. This stands to clarify yesterday’s post that the entire record was turned over to the House members. It is widely thought that the House could not share their findings with the general public and are doing everything they can to make sure this report doesn’t get leaked.

Clinton, for her part is stating, “Open the records for all the United States citizens to see and clear my name.”

I am no fool Hillary, are you just saying that because you know there is no way in hell that report could ever be shared publicly? Exactly, thought so. Smart but you better get smarter and clear your own damn name and put all this email bullshit to rest. This isn’t all about you, you have 100’s of thousands of staffers and millions of volunteers working tirelessly on your behalf.

They as well as the American people deserve better especially when our other choice is the Don.